Thursday, March 26, 2009

Luxurious Train: Indian Royal Voyage

The Foodie Cookbook: The Golden Chariot

Embark on The Golden Chariot, experience the luxurious journey and enjoy the lavish cuisine.
Check out the Korri Gassi Dharwadi Bhindi you will definitely love it.Lets check it out.T Now Times NowThe Luxurious Golden Chariot Part1.mp4This show is a feast for food fans. Because this is the first ever cookery show that is actually not a cookery show. Kunal Vijayakar, the incorrigible foodie, goes away from the cook-a-meal, do-a-restaurant-review format. He gets hold of celebrities, shops for food with them, bargains in the market and as if that were not exciting enough, he also makes them cook for him and then polishes off every morsel. The most appetizing hour for all food lovers.

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