Sunday, January 18, 2009

How To Create a Blog with Blogger

Follow these below steps to Create a Blog with Blogger

1. You need of Gmail account to sign up with Blogger account. If you don't have Gmail id then you go and create a new Gmail account here.

2. Go To blogger to create your new blog.

3. Just Click the Create a Blog Option.

4. Just Enter a Title related to your Blog.

5. Select a url related to your blog. Click continue to proceed.

6. Choose a new Template(design or Backdrop) for your blog. Click continue to proceed.

7. You can now start posting your blog related to your blog.

8. The content of the blog may be your wish it may be a text or image or video content or mixture of all these things.

9. Post lot more articles related to your blog. Your blog content maybe related to whatever it may be except adult content and terror oriented content.

10. If you have lot more posts (content) then your blog may easily indexed by search engines like Google, Yahoo, Ask, etc.

The video tutorial very helpful for you.

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